Renishaw applies metal powder bed fusion technology, as classified by ASTM International (formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials). This technology is most often referred to as layer melting, metal additive manufacturing, metal 3D printing, laser sintering or metal AM.


Advanced metal additive manufacturing systems are designed and built by Renishaw to fulfil a range of industry applications where durability, customized parts and precision are key. 


Because of Renishaw technologies, we can offer you a total solution for metal additive manufacturing. Contact us to learn more about this process and how we control the quality of our finished products.

The Fanuc RoboCut α-C600iB Wire EDM is used for manufacturing complex components.

Accuracy is increased because of the thermal displacement compensation, which compensates for thermal distortion of the casting when room temperature fluctuates greatly. 

Machine speeds have also increased significantly, with a rapid traverse of 78.74 ipm – over twice the speed of previous machines. In addition, the “3D Compensation Function” reduces the need for indicating-in workpieces. This standard feature allows the operator to quickly measure the flatness of the workpiece and automatically tilts the wire to make it perpendicular to the surface of the work, greatly reducing set-up time.